Theodrine Ngaka

Theodrine studied a BSc Geology at the University of Pretoria and completed her BSc Honours and MSc in Geohydrology at the University of the Free State

“I grew up in rural villages in the Eastern Cape and Lesotho. I love being in remote places, surrounded by nature and having conversations with the local people. I am interested in finding sustainable solutions to problems through the use of technology and research. I also want to ensure that these solutions are implemented and that they are practical for people in remote areas.

I aspire to become a researcher, a professor and someone who lives an alternative lifestyle, using green energy, collecting rainwater, recycling waste, investing in a compost toilet. I just aspire to be environmentally conscious, and to make a difference wherever I am.

My favourite thing about my internship experience is that it is a combination of different natural science streams. I also like that I can work with academics and researchers, this helps me push boundaries. It also helps me to gain a variety of skills. I also like that my host company is listening, listening to what I want to do and giving me opportunities to grow and lead. Lastly, my number one favourite part of this internship is that I am based in an area I grew up, and I am using my skills and knowledge to better rural communities.

The WaterGEP has helped me to realise what I want and where I want my career to go. I have also gotten the opportunity to network with people from all over the world: people working towards similar goals.”