Mlungisi Mcineka

My name is Mlungisi Rowen Mcineka. Let me take this opportunity to show my gratitude to the Water Research Commission (WRC) for allowing me to participate in the Water Graduate Employment Programme (Water GEP). When I joined the program, I worked at Working Solutions International in the Legal Department, where I gained valuable skills and hands-on experience. I dedicated myself to every task. I believe this program furthered my knowledge and understanding of a legal career. During my time there, I saw the pressure of deadlines, the importance of appearance, the value of being self-motivated, and the joy of loving your job.

I then joined Phase 2 of the Water GEP facilitated by Gabriel and Associates. Phase 2 focused on equipping students with work-readiness tools and important personal development skills. If the WRC and Gabriel and Associates did not give me these invaluable skills, I would not have secured my articles at Quinton Khumalo Incorporated, which employed me as a Candidate Attorney. I am now a step closer to realising my dream of being an admitted Attorney of the High Court of South Africa.