McQuwaen Moonoosamy

McQuwaen Moonoosamy recently graduated with in honours in Marine Biology.

“Not many people go into marine biology these days which is concerning given the urgent need for conservation of our marine ecosystems. For me, I’ve always been intrigued with every aspect of water, from how it reaches our taps to all that the ocean encompasses.

The WaterGEP has allowed me to build on my existing skills and knowledge and to apply this within a practical setting. My mentor has guided and involved me in various projects including, weekly meetings with the EXEBUS research panel and involvement in a literature review to be presented at the SRI Conference in June. Whilst the academic side of the programme includes research and write-ups, the practical side involves visiting various project sites and engaging with research partners.

This programme includes a diverse group of graduates with various academic backgrounds, and by engaging with them I have gained knowledge beyond my realm of specialization. I am extremely grateful to be a part of a programme that values my opinions and exposes me to various research projects and potential employers. The Water GEP has linked me with various research partners that are in line with my career interests, allowing me to articulate my aspirations and gain much needed exposure.

My advice to future graduates joining the programme would be to always put in a 110% effort, so as to receive an output of the same calibre.

Below is a quote that I live by: No matter how hard you work, someone else is working harder

– Elon Musk