Lesego Mateme

Lesego Mateme holds a BA in Psychology and Media Studies as well as a BA (Hons) in Psychology.

“I am interested in Social Research and Communications and would like to merge these in the future and end up in either or both fields.

What I enjoyed most about this programme is that my placement is perfect. I feel like my mentors were hand-picked for me. I am learning so much and get to apply most of my theory in the real-world. I am trusted with projects, given room to grow while also receiving adequate guidance.

This programme has been the ideal bridge for me to achieve my career aspirations as I’ve been exposed to so many aspects of Communications. I have increased my network of people in the same field as me. This experience is a stepping stone towards being more confident in pursuing my future. Most importantly, however, I know what the workplace requires from me; transitioning will be less strenuous.

I am really honoured to have been part of such a remarkable programme, a programme where the learning and growth never stops.”