Felly Ciyaka

Felly Cikaya is a Chemical Engineering graduate as well as an upcoming bass guitarist. He is passionate about his industry with a particular focus on Chemical Engineering processes.

‘I would like to impact the youth and society by bringing water facilities to rural areas using my Chemical Engineering skills,” says Cikayi.

What he has enjoyed most about being a part of this programme is the sense of responsibility it has given him and the vast knowledge he is gaining.

He thinks that this programme is one of the best because of its positive impact on the lives of many youth regardless of their backgrounds.

The advice he would give to anyone wanting to join the programme is to use the opportunity effectively and to build and improve themselves for their future careers.

Ciyaka believes that he the professional exposure WaterGEP has given him as well as the knowledge and experience gained through this programme has helped him with his career.

“I am excited to see what the future holds for me. This programme has served as the perfect start to what will be a prosperous future.”