Work experience opportunities

for graduates 

The Water Graduate Employment Programme

The Water Graduate Employment Programme – or Water GEP – initiated by the Water Research Commission (WRC) matches employers with unemployed graduates looking for internships, learnerships or work experience in the water, sanitation and linked sectors.

What are the programme objectives?

  • To bridge the gap between the unemployed graduates and the world of work.
  • To provide work experience and capacity-building opportunities in the water and sanitation (and linked) sectors.
  • To support the next generation of innovators and leaders in this critical sector.
  • To address the 33% graduate unemployment rate by providing workplace experience so as to improve a graduate’s chance of being employed.
  • To prepare graduates for the world of work.
  • To develop critical skills in the water, sanitation and linked sectors

Success stories

How do I get involved in the Water Graduate Employment Programme (Water GEP)?

Unemployed graduates who have the drive and ability to contribute to the water, sanitation and related sector(s) can register for the Water GEP.

Host employers from academia, SMMEs and Industry, government and Water Service Institutions are encouraged to take on graduates.

A science and engineering graduate

Science Graduate

Do you have a passion for water and the environment?

Do you want to gain the workplace experience you need to succeed?
Do you see your long-term future in water and sanitation?
Do you want to be called when future opportunities arise?

If yes, click below to register as Graduate.


A company or institution

Are you keen to mentor train and develop the next generation of water professionals, innovators and thought leaders?

Would you like to contribute to sector sustainability by ensuring that critical skills are passed on to the next generation?
Do you have learnership, internship or employment opportunities that you can offer to graduates?

If yes, click below to register as Host.


What happens after registration?

The host employer will have access to the database which will include the CV, qualifications, skills and competencies of each graduate.

Graduates could receive calls to interviews for internship, learnership and job opportunities that employers make available.

When funded programmes start, graduate and host details will already be available   

and you will be the first to be called!

This is a national network for young people that opens up potential learning or workplace opportunities within a single network. This can also be accessed through Facebook at